Training Manuals and Forms

For Volunteers, Temporary Agencies, Registries and Other Contractors

Individuals placed in County programs covered by HIPAA (see 2014 Master List of Covered Components) will be identified and are required to have training on the County's HIPAA Policies and Procedures.  The County will provide operational policies and procedures for the training of the contracted, temporary agency, registry employee or volunteer. Contractors who provide those employees are responsible to: 
  1. Have their employees review the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule training materials (see Training Manual below)
  2. Have each employee sign an acknowledgment form regarding County of Sacramento Privacy and Security Rule practices.  The form is on the last page of the training materials

    The forms are to be signed prior to starting work in the County assignment covered by HIPAA. Instructions on distribution of the acknowledgement forms are located at the bottom of each form.

    Note:  The Training Materials were updated on 4/22/16.  Please discard older versions and use the version below. 

    HIPAA Training Manual for Volunteers-Contractors-Temps-Registry


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